Beautiful You



I had new head shots done last night with Tara Photography. It was a big deal for me because I HATE to have my picture taken. It’s the whole “I don’t like what I look like ” thing that so many of us struggle with. I know I am supposed to love my body. I know we are supposed to embrace our inner beauty. I try. But I don’t succeed.
I stressed about what to wear, I stressed about my hair, I stressed about my wrinkles, and my skin. But mostly I stressed about my weight. I was feeling anxious and taking slow deep breaths between clenched teeth as we started, but Tara’s gentle kindness and easy demeanor soon had me loosened up.400291_491832547505430_1324873279_n
This experience made me think about how many women – women whom I would consider beautiful – struggle with similar feelings; especially during pregnancy and after delivery. How many mothers hold the camera to avoid being in the pictures? Who slips quietly out of the frame or makes jokes about being allergic to cameras? Who hides in the back of the group shot? Who looks like a deer in the headlights when someone manages to sneak a picture?
You’re going to be someone’s mother -for the rest of your life – and for the rest of their life. And that someone does not care in the least what you look like. They care about the way you make them feel. One day, all they will have left to remind them of the way they felt when they were with you is photos. Gift them with lots of them! Gift them photos of you holding them, smiling with them, dressed up and celebrating with them, and in your pjs fooling around with them.
Professional photographs are a gift to your child as much as they are to yourself. It is so important to find a photographer who is not only skilled with the camera, but also with people. Tara is certainly skilled with BOTH! She knows how to put you at ease and make you comfortable in front of her camera. Every new mom needs that kind of support to get into those photos with their baby. Lifestyle photo sessions during pregnancy and right after your baby’s birth capture real life. The real family doing what they really do where they really do it. So put on your favorite outfit, don’t worry about coordinating colors or if your upper arms look jiggly. Just love your baby and the real mother you are will appear in those photos; and she WILL be beautiful.

What’s missing here?

When we look at our babies, they are our whole world. It can be like having blinders on because they are all we want to look at. This often shows up in our photos.
We take so many pictures, but so many of them are just of baby; not of where they live, not of what they are doing, not of who they are with.

These babies are all having a bath. But this one seems to live on his own; bathing all by himself.


Or how about this guy being bathed by detached, unidentifiable arms.

This mom thought she was ducking out of the shot – lucky for her baby, the photographer didn’t let that happen.

Look at these pictures through the baby’s eyes. Which picture would your baby want to have?

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