Medical Induction Methods

Cook Catheter

The Cook Cervical Ripening Balloon is engineered to naturally and gradually dilate the cervix and facilitate labor induction. Ripening and dilation is accomplished by the balloons’ gentle and constant pressure on the cervix from both the internal and external  bulbs.

The first of two balloons is inflated on the uterine side of the cervix; the second is then inflated in the vaginal side of the cervix. When the cervix has dilated enough, the catheter will simply fall out.

  • Safely ripens and dilates the cervix without drugs
  • Eliminates the potential side effects of medications
  • Silicone balloons adapt to the contour of the cervical canal
  • Easily placed and quickly removed



Cervidil (Prosteglandin Induction)

This is a great article about Cervidil Induction.  This is an option that some hospitals don’t regularly suggest, but may be available if you request it.

Induction with Cervidil: tips from a doula and childbirth educator

Misoprostyl "Miso" (Cytotec)

Under Construction

Pitocin "Pit" (Artificial Oxytocin)

Under Construction

Eating Dates

Eating dates to ease labor, oxytocyn and postpartum hemorrhage: ancient wisdom and research agree:

Membrane Sweep

Evening Primrose Oil


Breat Pump Induction

Study of Induction of labor with an electric breast pump.

How to Use a Breast Pump to Start Labor Always consult your provider!