Love Steps Forward

building a legacy of love around families facing loss

As a Stillbirthday certified doula, I offer  support for birth in any trimester, and in any outcome.  The financial burden can be sudden and great when facing pregnancy and infant loss. With your help, I hope to engage friends, relatives and the community, in building a village of love around families that need my services by raising funds to cover their doula expenses.

The Love Steps Forward program creates a legacy fund, that allows the families I serve the comfort of knowing that their payment has already been taken care of.  If they would like to, they can also “pay it forward” to the next family I serve.

The legacy of love starts here, with you.  This is a voluntary advance purchase of goods and services to be rendered by an anonymous future client.

For every $5  purchase,  you may write a message of love and support that will be given to the family who’s fee you help pay.

You may want to make a purchase in honor of a personal loss; or perhaps you  you want to pay it forward on behalf of someone you love who has had a loss.  If you would like your donation to go toward a specific family’s needs,  just let me know.

If you like, your gift can be anonymous.


How it works:

  • Purchase ‘Love Notes’, in any increment you desire, beginning at the $5 level.
  • For each $5 you pay, you may submit a “Love Note” for a mom facing a difficult time.  Your note can be a message of encouragement and support for her.  This part – the note writing part – is optional; but makes it so special. Once your payment is received, I will contact you to help you submit your ‘love Notes”.
  • I will utilize social media, and my website as a way of promoting your gift (or by announcing that the gift is anonymous).
  • When a family is interested in receiving my loss support services, they can use the legacy funds that are available and redeem them like cash toward their doula fees, as well as keep the “Love Notes” as a tangible keepsake of written encouragement. Parents may then feel free to “pay it forward”, by contributing whatever they can afford toward the next family’s needs.

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Or you may send a personal check to:

Love Steps Forward: Amy Peterson  5 Pendexter Road  Durham, NH 03824

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Love Notes design printed with your message on pastel card stock.

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