Amy was amazing!

Amy was amazing!  She was a great blessing for my husband & I.  After my son was born in the middle of the night (or crazy early in the morning depending on how you want to look at it), she arrived bright & early the very next morning.  And since she has worked with the hospital I delivered at before they had everything ready for her in our room.  She was so sweet when she stopped in, offering some tips to help my son & I with breastfeeding & very professional, but not overly so.  Then before I knew it she was back to give me the finished product, which included the umbilical cord as a keepsake.  I will admit, taking the pills has not always been pleasant, I can have a hard time with pills sometimes, but it has been every bit worth it.  It has helped with my major mood swings (not eliminating them, but making them more manageable) & helped my milk supply.  Thank you so much Amy!

Posted 5/1/2014