I feel so lucky

I feel so lucky to have found Amy prior to the birth of my first child. As a new and expectant mother and father my husband and I had lots of questions and fears about the unknown. Right from the start Amy was there to answer our questions, help us frame our birth plan with reasonable expectations and most importantly to make us feel comfortable, safe and even laugh with her too. As soon as I was admitted to the hospital she arrived and from that moment on she was our calm and sensitive cheerleader and our thoughtful advocate with the medical staff. Amy understood our hopes, fears and desires and spoke for my husband and I when we couldn’t (especially as I powered through my contractions). She knew what I needed without me even having to ask for it – lavender scented heat pack on my back, calm and reassuring words, a good laugh and sometimes even just a hug. It was almost like having a friend with us in the birth room who knew us and cared deeply about our experience. My husband and I are forever grateful for her support and believe that her presence and participation in our birth story helped me achieve the calm experience that we both wanted. I can’t wait to tell my son about his birth story as he grows older and how special Amy was and still is.