I felt like I had known her forever

From the first moment I met Amy I felt like I had known her forever. I was instantly comfortable with and trusted her, both important things when you decide to share one of the most precious and stressful experiences in life with someone. Amy guided us through the weeks leading up to our delivery with tons of support and information. She started us discussing decisions about birthing options and pain management; she also armed us with the the information to help us make these decisions. She was also not judgmental of our decision to use pain medication during labor.

When it finally came time for our son to arrive my OB decided to induce labor. Amy was by our side for all 36 hours of labor and over 2 hours of pushing. Throughout that time she was a calm and supportive guide for both my husband and I. She not only helped me through contractions and kept me focused, she made sure that my husband took care of himself by staying hydrated and eating. When my husband was unsure how to help sooth me she made helpful suggestions. She was also able to know when to step away and let my husband and I have some time alone.

I would never consider laboring without her in the future.
Posted 4/26/2012