I would recommend Amy 100%

I chose Amy to help me with my placenta encapsulation after the birth of my first son Leo. We first met up to go over the possibilities of her being my doula, and I could tell from the moment I met her, she was passionate and caring about everything birth! Ultimately I chose to try labor with just me and my partner, but I will not make that mistake again if another baby comes into my life. My labor was long and exhausting and I could have surely used her expertise. After my birth she was very flexible in coming to collect the placenta, and returned it very promptly. She also provided me with a bunch of samples from tea to diaper cream, which was so sweet! This was my first baby so I had no postpartum issues I was particularly concerned about, but the energy and balance I felt the pills give me were well worth it in the weeks following his birth (when you need that energy the most!) Overall I would recommend Amy 100% to anyone thinking about using a doula or trying encapsulation.