single mom

As a single mom I hired Amy to support me through the end of my pregnancy and the birthing process. I was hoping for a natural unmedicated child birth but was not confident I could achieve it. I was successful with having a natural birth and I don’t believe I would have been if Amy hadn’t been present. Amy supported me throughout my 16 hour labor. She did everything I needed from filling the bathtub and keeping me warm in it to keeping me hydrated with water and ice chips. The peppermint spray she brought helped me through nausea and the TENS unit she had was a lifesaver for back pain. She knew exactly how to help me progress when I needed to and how to help me get a few moments of respite and rest when needed. In addition, Amy worked very well with the hospital staff and my nurse. Having her there to support my wishes was key as I was not in the frame of mind to talk much or ponder position options. She just had me try different things until we found what worked. There were times when I said “I can’t do this” and Amy would respond that I was doing it and that I was doing a good job. Hearing that from a professional was key for me to keep going. I had my son 13 days ago and I am still on a natural high from the birth. It was the  most amazing experience of my life. I was very nervous about caring for a newborn but after I birthed him so successfully I felt an amazing confidence about my abilities as a mother. I don’t believe I would be doing so well if I hadn’t had Amy with me because I think I would have ended up receiving pain medication and not having the experience that I wanted but never thought I was strong enough to accomplish. Amy helped me find the inner strength I never knew I had and for that I am eternally grateful.