Wondering How To Afford Doula Care?

Understand the Value

Your Baby’s birth will likely be the highlight of your life.

Placing the appropriate value on its impact may help you understand the importance of investing in a good experience.  Compared to what people spend on their weddings, doula care is a bargain! And while a great wedding doesn’t actually improve your marriage, doula care WILL improve your birth outcome!

When you hire me as your doula, you are not just paying for the time I will assist you at your birth. I am available to you from the moment your deposit is paid; to answer questions, listen to concerns, share resources and help you plan for your birth.  The earlier in your pregnancy you hire me, the more value for your dollar you receive. I am also on call to join you in labor 24 hours a day from 38 weeks up to 42 weeks. That’s a big time commitment! It limits my personal activity and the volume of clients I can take.  And it is all factored into my fee.

When you look at the costs of interventions that a doula may help you avoid, even the copays on some are more than your doula’s fee.  If a doula helps you avoid a cesarean (studies have shown they do!)  you may save nearly $20, 000.  If you skip the epidural – save $1000.    You can see why insurance companies may be motivated to  cover doula care.

If you already need help meeting your day to day expenses, then you may qualify for discounted doula care. (see below)

Get Creative!

 Manage your costs with gift certificates, and add Hound Hill Doula to your baby registry.

Most people are able to find ways to cut other costs to afford doula care. Do you really need that fancy stroller?  Or the coordinated bedding for the crib?

How about exploring your insurance coverage? A few companies are beginning to offer reimbursement for doula care; especially if you have a flex spending health care account.

Hold a yard sale and sell all those things that you wont have time or space for anymore with a new baby in your life.

Start a Go Fund Me page and invite your friends and family to support your choice for your birth.  Set fun donation levels like $20 gets you a chance to change our baby’s diaper, or $50 gets you a chance to have your picture taken with our baby, $500 and our baby will wear a tee shirt promoting your business in our family Christmas card!

If you have a baby registry,  make sure Hound Hill Doula care is on it and encourage your friends and family to help with your costs by purchasing gift certificates.





To purchase a gift certificate in any amount use the button below. A printable gift certificate will be emailed to you.

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Work with an Intern

Internship Program

Occasionally I may have a doula interning with me who’s rates are lower than mine.  I hand select these interns based on my perception of their reliability, ability to seek out and retain knowledge, and interpersonal skills. My interns are always warm, bright and eager to learn.  Although less experienced;  these doulas-in-training or newly certified doulas are supported by me in their learning process.


Qualify for Support

Free or Reduced Price Doula Care

Occasionally  I  may offer an opportunity for an expectant or new mom to receive free or reduced price Doula Services.

Moms who may be eligible for this reduced price doula service will meet the following qualifications:

1. Financial Need.  -You will need to demonstrate a lack of ability to meet my fees.

2. Eligible candidates must agree to allow the doula to take photographs at the birth (always tasteful and without identifying faces if you prefer) that may be used in the promotion of the Doula’s business.  The doula agrees to destroy any images that you find offensive, and retains the copyright to any remaining images. Copies of all photos will also be made available to the client in digital format for their own personal use.

3. Eligible candidates will fit into one of the  following categories:

Military Family – you or the father of your baby is active duty military in harm’s way.

Special Birth Circumstance – I always welcome opportunities to gain new experience.
If you are planning a multiple birth, preterm delivery,  vaginal breech, special needs, or other less common circumstances you may qualify.

Family or Personal Issues –  I understand that sometimes people who need doula care the most are not in a position to afford it. If you are a single or teen mom, or if other social, emotional or physical circumstance present a need for additional support  and your finances are limited; please feel free to discuss it with me.

Expected Loss – If you are experiencing a pregnancy loss of carrying a baby that is not expected to survive, please visit my loss page



Ask for Help

Whether you are looking for an intern or a free or reduced price birth, I am always happy to chat.