Breastfeeding Support

You already know that breastfeeding is the best choice for your baby.

Now make the best choice for success.

Breastfeeding: a natural function just like birth; something we should just “know” how to do.  Unfortunately, in our modern society, the normal familial and societal supports are often missing for new mothers.

Studies have shown that successful early breastfeeding is one of the best indicators for continued breastfeeding through the entire first year and beyond.

Early support and intervention is the best way to ensure an enjoyable long term breastfeeding experience.  As a professional Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC),  Amy Peterson  can observe and instruct new moms in the earliest days of nursing, and prevent or correct many of the problems that may cause mothers to give up nursing their babies.

Nursing your baby is an incredible experience and Amy loves to help moms relax and enjoy the feelings of intimacy, nurturing, and empowerment that feeding your baby from your body offers.  She can help with basic or specialized breastfeeding skills or even unexpected issues that may arise. This early in home support can prevent or resolve many difficulties, allowing you to feel confident in your ability to meet the physical and emotional nourishment needs of your baby while continuing to care for yourself and the rest of your family.

Whether you are looking for  breastfeeding preparation,  a one time consultation, or a more formal supportive breastfeeding mentor-ship with regular meetings at vital times in the development of your breastfeeding relationship, Amy can help.  Getting off to a good start makes all the difference!

Ready to Nurse

This is a 90 minute private  breastfeeding education class.  Parents will learn the importance of activating your baby’s own natural, instinctive behaviors right from birth in order to promote the best breastfeeding experience.  First latch, positioning, timing and learning to read your baby’s cues will all be  covered.


Breast Start Complete Support Package

Includes 4 home visits at key times in the developing nursing relationship, as well as phone support as needed.  Getting support at home, where you are comfortable, is so much easier than trying to get to a provider’s office or a support group in the first weeks home with your baby.  Seeing you feed your baby in your home environment can reveal clues to nursing issues that may not be apparent in another setting.

Breast Start Package can be customized to mesh with labor or postpartum support. As a stand alone package the visits are scheduled as follows:

  • 35-40 weeks prenatal: 90 min breastfeeding education class
  • 1-3 day postpartum: home or hospital visit
  • 5-7 days postpartum: home visit
  • 2-3 weeks postpartum: home visit

At each postpartum visit I will assess a feeding, discuss concerns or questions, and provide information and education.

$250 for local clients. (farther travel may require an additional fee)

$150 add on to Labor Support package. (prenatal visit and one postpartum visit will be combined with Labor Support visits.)

Hourly rates for additional support also available.

Need Help Right Now?

Individual lactation consultations are available.

$75 initial 90 minute home visit for local clients

$60 each, for any additional visits

(farther travel may require an additional fee)






What my clients have to say….

I called Amy as soon as I found out that I wasn’t producing near enough milk for my newborn. Amy came over to our home within a few hours. She has a great demeanor and was able to calm my fears and concerns. Being a new mom finding out you’re not producing is quite emotional and I felt so much better after consulting with Amy. She told us about using an SNS system, which I was not familiar with. Now, 6 weeks in, I still have an exclusive breastfeeding relationship with my baby using the SNS and donated milk. Amy took the time to explain everything to us and all the options we had. She even let us borrow her scale for a few days so that we could measure our babies weight changes as we started to supplement with donated milk. If we hadn’t contacted Amy, I may have given up on breastfeeding but we are still happily going strong.

Michelle Kessler

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