It’s not about HOW you birth…

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about how you birth.

What my clients have to say….

We were so impressed with your knowledge, poise, and compassion.  You helped make our birth experience far more comfortable and reassuring (and fun!).

Blair and Mike

Every time I look at “my baby” I think of you. You made the birth process so much easier and calming for both of us. Amy, you are a gift and you will always have a special place in my heart.


Amy holds a special place in our heart as she worked with our family on postpartum care, overnights and most recently placenta encapsulation. Amy is trustworthy, kind and gifted with babies. She is incredibly responsive and easy to work with when we requested her encapsulation services. Initially I was skeptical of placenta encapsulation but after speaking with Amy about the benefits, I decided it was worth a try. I found that in taking the pills, it has helped my energy levels and fend off the baby blues. I strongly recommend Amy to anyone who is looking for a one of a kind doula who is well versed in all aspects of birthing and postpartum care for both mama and baby.


We chose to work with Amy for the birth of our second daughter. We had a doula the first time around, but the birth ended up being very long and full of interventions, and our birth plan was essentially tossed out the window. I was nervous about the potential for that to happen again and knew I wanted a doula’s support. Choosing Amy was easy. She’s highly experienced and a true professional. Working as a doula is not only her full-time job, it’s her passion. Most importantly, she made it clear to me that there was no single “right way” to birth. Her goal is to make sure that you, as the mother and her client, have the birth experience that YOU want and feel good about. I wanted to try for an unmedicated birth, and, with Amy’s help, I was able to have one. I truly believe I could not have done it without her. She coached me through each contraction, knew when to suggest a change to make me more comfortable, and helped me feel prepared, safe, cared for, and heard. I would work with her again in a second.


Amy was our answer to prayer as we planned for our first child’s arrival.  Her presence gave us the confidence and support we were looking for; and, along with our midwife, she held space for our natural unmedicated birth.  Now we have three children who arrived safely and naturally, and I thank Amy for laying the ground work.  I can’t recommend her more highly.

Jessica S.
Labor Support

Amy is compassionate, knowledgeable and a calming presence throughout pregnancy and delivery. She captured the delivery and first moments after the birth with professionalism and care. Her guidance throughout the birth of our son was amazing and very respectful of our wishes. She is a true gift for any pregnant mom.

Heather B.
Labor Support

Amy was an absolutely amazing doula. I found myself unexpectedly pregnant with my first biological child and did not have a partner in my life at the time. I was really overwhelmed and stressed most of my pregnancy. I hired Amy because I didn’t know if my mom would be able to support me during labor or if she would have to care for my other child. I knew I wanted to try a natural birth but wasn’t sure if I would be able to accomplish it. Amy met with me prior to the birth and guided me through all sorts of questions so she could learn how best to support me. When labor started she made it to the hospital before I did. I was able to have a pretty much perfect non-medicated vaginal birth thanks to Amy. She worked well with my mom who commented that she’s not sure she would have made it through the birth without Amy’s support! It really was huge to have her supported while both her and Amy supported me. Amy worked very well with the Concord Hospital staff, advocating for me when needed and ensuring my wishes were known. I went into my son’s life feeling much more confident about my abilities as a mother thanks to the fabulous birth I had. I owe Amy more than I can ever repay.

Elizabeth R.

Amy was fantastic.  From our first meeting with her through our follow up visit, Amy truly cared about us and our birth experience.  She is extremely knowledgeable; she made many suggestions and had items on hand that helped make labor more comfortable for both me and my husband.  She has the ability to create a calming atmosphere with seemingly little effort.  We also used Amy for her placenta encapsulation services – she took care of everything and delivered the capsules to me at the hospital the next day.

In addition to having Amy as our birth doula, I called on her for overnight support one night when my husband was out of town for a week during our son’s sleep regression.  I only regret not calling her earlier that week!

If you are on the fence about hiring a doula, it is 100% worth it, and you will not be disappointed if you choose Amy.  She will be one of our first calls when we decide to have another child.

Melissa F.

Thanks to Amy, my second birthing experience was completely different than my first.  Amy gave me the tools to remain calm, build my self confidence and educate myself on different birthing options. Having recently relocated out of state and being worried about having the lack of family in NH, I felt like I needed extra support and a motherly figure during my birth and Amy was the perfect fit. I feel like she was more than just our doula but I now consider her a special friend.

Allyson G.
Labor support

I chose Amy to help me with my placenta encapsulation after the birth of my first son Leo. We first met up to go over the possibilities of her being my doula, and I could tell from the moment I met her, she was passionate and caring about everything birth! Ultimately I chose to try labor with just me and my partner, but I will not make that mistake again if another baby comes into my life. My labor was long and exhausting and I could have surely used her expertise. After my birth she was very flexible in coming to collect the placenta, and returned it very promptly. She also provided me with a bunch of samples from tea to diaper cream, which was so sweet! This was my first baby so I had no postpartum issues I was particularly concerned about, but the energy and balance I felt the pills give me were well worth it in the weeks following his birth (when you need that energy the most!) Overall I would recommend Amy 100% to anyone thinking about using a doula or trying encapsulation.

Placenta encapsulation

I used Amy to encapsulate my placenta after having my 2nd child. Amy was extremely timely and professional with all communication and very informative (as I had many questions not having done this before!) She had my capsules back to me within a day and I was able to take my first dose within 36 hours of giving birth. I can absolutely attest to this making such a huge difference in my recovery both physically and mentally. My overall feeling after my 2nd birth was better and I healed much faster.

Placenta Encapsulation

I was initially on the fence about placenta encapsulation but now I am so happy that I did it! Our daughter was born at night, so Amy picked up the placenta first thing the next morning and I had my pills by that afternoon! Although this is my first child (so I have no direct comparison from previous births to make) I do believe that the placenta pills made the transition into motherhood much easier than it could have been! I have been surprised at how much energy I have and how smoothly the healing process has gone! I have had none of the typical mood swings or hot flashes that are typical in the postpartum period. I had my 6 week postpartum visit with my OB/GYN today and she even said ‘it sounds like things are going too well!’


It is hard to put into words the impact that Amy had on my birth experience with my second child. My first birth 2 years ago (without a doula) was anything but ideal and left me, for lack of a better term, somewhat traumatized. I knew that for my second birth I needed more support. A lot more. That is exactly what Amy provided. From the first time I met Amy I knew that she was the right fit for us. She is extremely compassionate and cares deeply about her clients’ birth experiences. She listened to my past experience and helped me feel confident that we could have a different outcome this time around. And with her help, the birth of my second child was more than I could have hoped for. Through an entire week of prodromal labor we were in contact and she helped me remain calm and rested. Reassuring me that my body was doing what was necessary to prepare for birth. During my labor at the hospital she provided the support my husband and I needed so that I could focus on what I needed to without worrying about staying in control or calling all the shots – because I trusted that she would have my back! I don’t think I could have had the calm, humorous, unmedicated birth of my dreams without her reassuring presence. I found that she always knew the right thing to say at the right time to help me through what I was going through. She helped me believe that what I was experiencing was natural, normal, and nothing that I couldn’t handle. And, throughout the whole process, she was right! Not only did I have an amazing birth experience this time around, but it has helped me heal from my past experience. This is all because of Amy, and I am so grateful to her!

Labor Support & Lactation Support

A cousin of mine had encapsulated her placenta with her second son and she raved about how happy she was that she did. I choose to take her advice and encapsulate mine with my first child. After giving birth to a 10lb 5oz bundle of joy there was a lot of healing that needed to take place. Amy came to the hospital the day he was born to pick up my placenta and dropped it off encapsulated the next day. I was loving my new role as Mom and was shocked at how well I was adjusting to the lack of sleep and how quickly my body was healing and producing milk. After 8 weeks I finished my pills and immediately noticed my lack of energy. I am so thankful that I choose to encapsulate my placenta because it really helped me the first few weeks when lack of sleep can be so draining.

Leslie S
Placenta Encapsulation

This service was both completely professional and completely stress free… we wondered a few things as this is done out of someone\’s home but she answered all of our questions and worked with our schedule. VERY prompt, VERY kind. The little personal touches were so welcomed and appreciated. Thank you for what you do -we were certainly able to educate some other parents as to how beneficial this is for your natural body – wish humans were more \”in-the-know\” about their own bodies! THANKS AGAIN! Felt good taking them in my mind as well as my body 🙂

D. Murphy
Placenta Encapsulation

I feel so lucky to have found Amy prior to the birth of my first child. As a new and expectant mother and father my husband and I had lots of questions and fears about the unknown. Right from the start Amy was there to answer our questions, help us frame our birth plan with reasonable expectations and most importantly to make us feel comfortable, safe and even laugh with her too. As soon as I was admitted to the hospital she arrived and from that moment on she was our calm and sensitive cheerleader and our thoughtful advocate with the medical staff. Amy understood our hopes, fears and desires and spoke for my husband and I when we couldn’t (especially as I powered through my contractions). She knew what I needed without me even having to ask for it – lavender scented heat pack on my back, calm and reassuring words, a good laugh and sometimes even just a hug. It was almost like having a friend with us in the birth room who knew us and cared deeply about our experience. My husband and I are forever grateful for her support and believe that her presence and participation in our birth story helped me achieve the calm experience that we both wanted. I can’t wait to tell my son about his birth story as he grows older and how special Amy was and still is.

Labor Support and placenta encapsulation

I feel blessed to have had Amy’s support with us for our delivery. I was praying for a loving and nurturing environment to bring our baby in, and Amy provided just that. Her guidance was exactly what I needed to stay grounded and calm for a natural delivery. My girlfriends did not get to have a pleasurable experience in their hospital births, I wish that they could have had Amy with them as my husband and I did. She was at the hospital waiting for us before we even arrived, and made sure that our birth plan was followed through with care and love. I highly recommend Amy, and can’t imagine delivering without her. I also recommend the placenta encapsulation. I could feel a major difference when I was using them. They really helped to balance out all of my emotions the month after delivery. Thank you for all your support Amy!

labor support, encapsulation

I don’t know what we would have done without Amy. Most of the birthing class knowledge went out the window when we got to the hospital and she was there to ensure that our delivery went smoothly. Thank you for providing a calm and quite environment for my wife to deliver in. And we love the delivery room photos you dropped off to us when you came to visit the baby. We look forward to you helping with our next child.

Robert Rossetti
Labor Support

I called Amy as soon as I found out that I wasn’t producing near enough milk for my newborn. Amy came over to our home within a few hours. She has a great demeanor and was able to calm my fears and concerns. Being a new mom finding out you’re not producing is quite emotional and I felt so much better after consulting with Amy. She told us about using an SNS system, which I was not familiar with. Now, 6 weeks in, I still have an exclusive breastfeeding relationship with my baby using the SNS and donated milk. Amy took the time to explain everything to us and all the options we had. She even let us borrow her scale for a few days so that we could measure our babies weight changes as we started to supplement with donated milk. If we hadn’t contacted Amy, I may have given up on breastfeeding but we are still happily going strong.

Michelle Kessler

Amy is awesome! She is part of a great doula collective called Great Bay Doulas. When my postpartum doula couldn’t make it because her son had a fever, she sent Amy as her back up. Amy tenderly cared for my son, including giving him a foot massage. When the baby was asleep, she organized the baby’s dresser, changed the sheets, neatly made the bed, folded the laundry, and emptied the dishwasher. It’s obvious that Amy is passionate about serving moms and babies. I highly recommend Amy as a doula.

Postpartum Doula

Amy was wonderful to us when we had our baby! I had heard many great things about encapsulation from co workers and online but didn’t have much knowledge about it. I emailed with Amy while my husband and I were talking about having a baby and she was super helpful in educating us about encapsulation. She has an awesome information booklet that answered all of the question my husband and I had. When we finally had our baby Amy came to the hospital and retrieved my placenta and returned it encapsulated in no time at all! She also returned with a little care package that we thought was very sweet. Amy is professional, very sweet, and goes the extra mile. We highly recommend using her services!


Amy is the best! I preferred no medicine labor for my baby so I came to Amy. She gave me a big hug the first time I met her. She suggested me to join the Hypnobirthing class after I told her that I was not going to use epidural. The class helped me a lot when I was in labor. She helped me a lot during the labor, adjusted my breath, a lot of massage which release most of my pain. My labor was very long, but Amy was there with patient and smile. I was screaming at the last moment and almost lost my awareness, it was Amy that brought me back, and helped me deliver the baby smoothly. I highly recommend Amy to be your doula. She will make your labor much easier and smoother.

Labor Support

Amy was a great support to have on my birth team. She is knowledgeable and someone you can trust to help with labor positions and other tricks. Above all, Amy genuinely cares about each of her clients and their families. That love is what makes her special!

Doula Services

As a mom already struggling with PTSD I knew I wanted to do anything I could to make the transition to having two little ones easier. When I first contacted Amy she was prompt, informative, and showed compassion to my needs. We welcomed our new addition into the world at home and Amy came to there to both pick up our placenta and drop off our capsules. I was able to start taking my capsules before I even left my house for the first time! I noticed a marked difference in my mood, milk supply and general well being as compared to my first birth. I was considered high risk for postpartum depression due to my PTSD and honestly feel that my capsules helped minimize the hormonal disruptions I was worried about. Thank you Amy!

Placenta Encapsulation

I’m so happy I did the placenta encapsulation! I credit it with my smooth transition into motherhood and will definitely be doing it again. I recommend it to anyone considering it.


Amy was very fast! I had my pills by the next day. She is very friendly and professional. The pills really helped with my milk supply and helped me recover quickly. I will definitely do this for the next baby.

Placenta Encapsulation

Amy was quick to answer any questions we had regarding the service and we received the capsules very quickly. I even had questions months after encapsulation regarding the capsules and even regarding allergies and weight gain of my infant. She has always been helpful with answers and information. She is very caring and clearly loves her job. Thanks for everything, Amy.

Placenta Encapsulation

Going into my first pregnancy, I had more questions and fears than I could possibly count. Thankfully, a friend recommended I hire a birth doula and words cannot express how glad I am that I did. Amy is absolutely amazing. The support provided during labor and delivery to my fiancé and I made bringing our sweet baby boy into the world the best experience of my life. I felt prepared, confident, and most of all, ready- largely due to Amy’s knowledge, constant support, and warm and calming nature. I was able to let go of all of my fears and concerns with Amy’s help and fully embrace the most life changing and amazing event I have yet to experience on this earth. I whole heartedly recommend Houndhill Doula services to any & all expecting parents. The doula experience exceeded our expectations and left us with amazing memories we will cherish forever.

Erin H.
Labor Support

Amy Peterson is a fantastic doula – calm, caring and full of knowledge. Her years of experience working with babies give her a confidence that she shares with you as a new parent and the advice she gives empowers you to be the best parent you can be. She is not judgmental and shares a variety of options so that you can make choices that are best for you and your family. We would highly recommend her!  Katie, Dave and Amanda PetersonPosted 4/3/2011

Katie and Dave Peterson

I would highly recommend Amy Peterson as a birthing doula.  This was my first pregnancy so I was nervous about the delivery and didn’t know exactly what to expect (even though I took classes).  You just never know how you are going to feel or react to things when the moment comes for labor and delivery.  Knowing Amy was going to be there for me really put my mind at ease and then during labor she was so calming and helpful.  She knew exactly what to do and when to do it – almost like she was reading my mind.  She took the pressure off of my husband and we were both able to enjoy the experience as much as possible.  I honestly could not have been happier with Amy, she was absolutely fantastic.  The most priceless part of what she did for us was to document the days events and took pictures.  I didn’t realize how much that would mean to me until she gave it to us.  You think you will remember everything but you don’t and the pictures are something I will treasure forever.

Posted 4/18/2012

Barbara Powers-Goodman

From the first moment I met Amy I felt like I had known her forever. I was instantly comfortable with and trusted her, both important things when you decide to share one of the most precious and stressful experiences in life with someone. Amy guided us through the weeks leading up to our delivery with tons of support and information. She started us discussing decisions about birthing options and pain management; she also armed us with the the information to help us make these decisions. She was also not judgmental of our decision to use pain medication during labor.

When it finally came time for our son to arrive my OB decided to induce labor. Amy was by our side for all 36 hours of labor and over 2 hours of pushing. Throughout that time she was a calm and supportive guide for both my husband and I. She not only helped me through contractions and kept me focused, she made sure that my husband took care of himself by staying hydrated and eating. When my husband was unsure how to help sooth me she made helpful suggestions. She was also able to know when to step away and let my husband and I have some time alone.

I would never consider laboring without her in the future.
Posted 4/26/2012

Emily Persing

Having Amy Peterson as my post-partum doula was a blessing. I delivered my second child prematurely at 34 weeks, and had to go back into the hospital for an emergency surgical procedure. Amy came to the hospital every night that I was there to help me with everything from nursing, to pumping, to getting enough rest. When I was released from the hospital, she helped both me and my son to transition to life at home. She was truly amazing with my son– it was clear from the first night that she has extensive experience caring for premature babies. She helped my son to establish better sleeping rhythms, and taught me some crucial techniques for soothing and getting my son to sleep. Amy is also an amazing woman—she offered tireless support during the most challenging time of my life, and aided my healing process far beyond the physical. I called her many times when she was not “on the clock” to ask her questions, seek guidance, and/or look for emotional support. Our family is definitely better for having her work with us during a very difficult time. Even our three year old son, who Amy brought books and little toys for each day, would look forward to her arrival. I believe that anyone who has a baby would be extremely lucky to have Amy be part of the process—she is a very experienced woman who will help you to deepen your own knowledge and experience of the birthing and newborn process.

Posted 3/26/2013

A Marsh

Amy Peterson has been a source of calm & strength to us from the moment she arrived at our house to “work the night shift” at 9p days after our twins were born.  Believe it or not, we’d never met her until that moment, but about 2 minutes after we first saw her, I think my wife and I both wanted to give her a huge hug.  She’s strong and confident, but in a way that always left us as parents feeling smarter and better about ourselves.  We’ve been very, very lucky to have in our and our twins lives.

Posted 4/27/2013

Jeff Pillet-Shore

Amy is so wonderful – not only was she prompt and respectful with regards to the placenta encapsulation, she was also an incredible source of support in my postpartum days. Her guidance and wisdom helped ease me during a stressful time. I would highly recommend Amy and her services to anyone interested in placenta encapsulation or anyone needing any kind of support for life with a newborn. Thank you Amy!!

Posted 11/26/2013

Jennifer Blyer
placenta encapsulation

Amy is absolutely wonderful. During my pregnancy she was a source of information, support and guidance. She offered me the latest evidence available, but I never felt that she was pushing me one way or another.  I chose what seemed best for me and she helped support my choices. She helped me develop a birth plan for labor, delivery and after birth care.

When the big day came she was just amazing! I know for certain I could not have had the birth I wanted without her presence. She helped keep me focused through my labor, coaching my husband and mother on how best to support me, guiding them and making sure I didn’t have to worry about them. I never had to ask for anything; I was able to use all my mental resources to work through each contraction. I labored for 12 hours and Amy renewed my confidence and strength with encouragement each time I was beginning to feel “I can’t do this”. As I came to the end of my labor, Amy said to me “Look around the room, everyone is getting ready because your baby is almost here”. It was exactly what I needed to hear!

After my daughter was born she had issues breastfeeding. I also began to suffer from post partum depression. I had been texting with Amy about the issues I was having with breastfeeding and she came to visit me. I didn’t even realize how bad off I was, but her presence and support were so reassuring. I owe a great deal of my breastfeeding success to Amy.

Amy also took notes and pictures during my labor. I have looked at the pictures dozens of times since that day. They are a special record that I cherish.

If I ever have another baby, I will be sure to hire Amy again.

Posted 11/26/2013

Adriane Hoitt
Birth Support

My experience was great. Amy was friendly, accommodating and efficient. We were very pleased and happy! I will certainly recommend her!

Posted 11/30/2013

Ashley Williams

Amy was awesome!  Not only did she show up right away to pick up my placenta, but she went the extra mile and sat and chatted with me shortly after my delivery.  She was actually the first person I saw when I “came to”  and was the first person I spoke with about my birth experience.  It felt so good to talk to someone who has experienced many births and hear her words of encouragement about my own story.  It’s obvious that Amy goes the extra mile for her clients.  She is passionate about what she does and everything baby!  She is kind, gentle and compassionate.  I would highly recommend any of Amy’s services to anyone.  Thanks again for everything Amy!  You are great.

Posted 12/2/2013

Rhiannon Stedfast Fenstermaker

Our experience with Amy was comfortable from the very first conversation. She is a warm and caring person and truly loves what she does. This was our first time with a doula and we are only sad we didn’t have her with our first child. She was extremely informative and helpful throughout the entire pregnancy. She fielded questions regarding any concerns we had about the pregnancy and delivery, met with us in person three times to go over our plan in great detail and consistently followed up to see how we were doing. The information she provided was invaluable and truly helped us prepare for the best possible experience.

Our delivery was extremely fast, but she made it to the hospital at the best possible time to help me and my husband. She kept me focused on relaxing and embracing the delivery and was a calming presence. She captured the entire delivery and first visitors on film and shared those pictures with us on CD. She was a welcome presence helping me with the first latch, showering after delivery and just enjoying our experience with our newborn son. We hated to see her leave!

After delivery, she followed up to see how we were managing in the hospital and again when we arrived home. She visited the following week with her famous lactation cookies and a gift for the baby. She again supported me several times with lactation questions and simply making sure I was feeling ok. She was a positive and calming presence during a wonderful, yet nervous time in our life. We are so very grateful we hired her and feel blessed to now call her a friend.

Posted 12/3/2013

Heather Cook
Birth Support

Amy is great!  I immediately felt at ease with her and trusted her to guide me through the birthing process.  She did not let me down!  My experience would have been very different without her support and guidance.  I am immensely grateful that she was with me for the birth of my son.

Posted 12/10/2013

Sarah Foster
Birth Support

Our first birth with Amy was very long, very slow and quite the exercise in patience (for everyone!), but this second birth was quite different in all aspects!  Amy arrived at our house within an hour of my contractions first starting, and she was a very grounding, calming presence the entire time.  She listened to me, asked questions when appropriate, and sat with me as I rocked and labored on my birthing ball.  She wisely encouraged me to rest, and later directed me to some specific positions to help my baby descend and prepare for birth.  She was very protective of my personal space and helped create a zone of silence, solitude and peace around me as I moved through the toughest, most focused portions of my labor (even with both parents, my husband, my preschooler and my brother in the house at the same time!)  Amy was realistic with me – explaining what my body language was communicating to her and preparing me for the magnified intensity of each next phase.  I’ll never forget when, immediately after confirming my water had broken, she said very calmly and confidently “things are going to get REALLY intense now”.  Somehow, it was very relieving to anticipate the surge of contractions.  I knew I was close, and I didn’t feel overwhelmed by it!  As a second time mom, my labor was fast and intense, and Amy was totally crucial in the final hour before our daughter arrived.  As I pushed, she whispered words of strength to me, reminded me how powerful I was, and reassured me I was making fast progress.  After delivery, I loved hearing her re-tell the story of how each person in the room was supporting me in unique ways.  It made me feel loved, strong and very proud of myself for the hard work I had done.  Amy is a beloved gift to our whole family and we are so thankful to have included her in two of the most important days in our lives.

Posted 4/28/2014

Micaela Demeter
Birth Support

Amy was amazing!  She was a great blessing for my husband & I.  After my son was born in the middle of the night (or crazy early in the morning depending on how you want to look at it), she arrived bright & early the very next morning.  And since she has worked with the hospital I delivered at before they had everything ready for her in our room.  She was so sweet when she stopped in, offering some tips to help my son & I with breastfeeding & very professional, but not overly so.  Then before I knew it she was back to give me the finished product, which included the umbilical cord as a keepsake.  I will admit, taking the pills has not always been pleasant, I can have a hard time with pills sometimes, but it has been every bit worth it.  It has helped with my major mood swings (not eliminating them, but making them more manageable) & helped my milk supply.  Thank you so much Amy!

Posted 5/1/2014

Bethany Reed
placenta encapsulation
I felt amazing after taking my pills. I didn’t get any mood swings, I had plenty of energy throughout the day and my milk supply was incredible, I can pump 5oz from each breast at each sitting. I loved taking the placenta pills, I will be doing it again with my second child. I got so many I still have some left and my son is 3 months old.

Posted 5/3/2014

Roxanne Berube
placenta encapsulation

I used Amy’s placenta encapsulation services and was very happy with them.  Correspondence via email was easy in the lead-up to my birth, and she was immediately reachable by phone even at the inconvenient hour of 2:00am and came to pick up the placenta soon after.  The pills were delivered the next day, and it was a pleasure to meet her.  If I had been in the market for doula services, I would have considered hiring her.

Regarding the pills themselves, I feel they helped me a lot.  This was my fourth post-partum experience but the only one in which my placenta was saved, so I have direct comparisons.  I’m sure that my prior experiences and perspective helped me through those crazy first few weeks with a newborn, but I also take into consideration that I was also caring for three other kids and my military husband was gone.  I’d say this was my easiest postpartum recovery, both physically and emotionally.  I wasn’t overcome by exhaustion, breastfeeding (and my supply) went well, and there were no signs of “baby blues” to any degree.  I was most surprised at how much energy I had, which was crucial during those long days and nights.  I credit the pills with helping with all of this.  I used up the first jar of pills Amy made and am saving the second for future needs.  Overall, my experience with Amy and her encapsulation services was wonderful and well worth the money.

Posted 9/8/2014

placenta encapsulation
I have nothing but most wonderful and warm comments about Amy. I honestly do not know what I would have done had she not been there for me. Amy is caring, warm, charming, and most sensitive individual. She was there by my side every step of my very challenging (but ultimately rewording) journey. It is my utmost honor and pleasure to recommend Amy to any and all expectant mothers. Ladies, please take my word when I say Amy is awesome! Allow her to be there for you… You will not regret you did!! Best of luck and my most sincere congratulations to all!

As a single mom I hired Amy to support me through the end of my pregnancy and the birthing process. I was hoping for a natural unmedicated child birth but was not confident I could achieve it. I was successful with having a natural birth and I don’t believe I would have been if Amy hadn’t been present. Amy supported me throughout my 16 hour labor. She did everything I needed from filling the bathtub and keeping me warm in it to keeping me hydrated with water and ice chips. The peppermint spray she brought helped me through nausea and the TENS unit she had was a lifesaver for back pain. She knew exactly how to help me progress when I needed to and how to help me get a few moments of respite and rest when needed. In addition, Amy worked very well with the hospital staff and my nurse. Having her there to support my wishes was key as I was not in the frame of mind to talk much or ponder position options. She just had me try different things until we found what worked. There were times when I said “I can’t do this” and Amy would respond that I was doing it and that I was doing a good job. Hearing that from a professional was key for me to keep going. I had my son 13 days ago and I am still on a natural high from the birth. It was the  most amazing experience of my life. I was very nervous about caring for a newborn but after I birthed him so successfully I felt an amazing confidence about my abilities as a mother. I don’t believe I would be doing so well if I hadn’t had Amy with me because I think I would have ended up receiving pain medication and not having the experience that I wanted but never thought I was strong enough to accomplish. Amy helped me find the inner strength I never knew I had and for that I am eternally grateful.

Elizabeth Harding


My Name is RAMESH RONDLA and I am writing a review for Doula Services provided by Amy Peterson.We are Immigrant family from SouthEast Asia and me and my wife have very few friends in New England Seacoast Area.We were referred about the Doula services provided by my wife’s Gyno Doctor, for Postpartum Doula services,which we really needed as both my parents and my wife parents were not here to help us through my wife’s pregnancy and this being our first child,we had a lot of doubts and misconceptions of our to take care of our newborn son.My son was born in Fall of 09′ and immediately I was eagerly looking out for some sort of support ,both to my wife and my new born son.So we decided to use the expert help of Amy Peterson,as I came to know about her as she had a very long experience with kids/new mothers and especially her support with postpartum in women after preganacy/new child.

When I first met her she was really kind to visit us at our home and examined our baby to see how he was doing after he came home.Amy is also a good listener, as we were asking her all sorts of questions about my son’s feeding methods,sleeping habits and stuff like that.She also helped in evaluating, how we are coping with the first child like sleeping/eating properly etc.. and more importantly she had good interaction with my wife to provide her that extra support which is much appreciated.She helped us in

1.How to properly breast feed the baby and how to hold him before/after feeding.

2.How to change his diapers/wrap him to keep  him warm and also with giving him his first shower bath.

3.Most importantly, she helped my wife get through her inhibitions as a new mother and enjoy her motherhood thoroughly.


I hope this review helps in deciding your Doula from your neighborhood,who is caring and also available right when you need her the most.



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