TENS for labor coping

TENS is a drug free way to reduce pain in childbirth. Transcutanteous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is commonly used during labor by women in Great Britain and Sweden.  In the US, TENS units have been used for years by physical therapists and chiropractors in their rehabilitation of injured patients.

I am the only local birth doula certified by DONA in TENS for labor.

A TENS unit can make a woman more comfortable in labor by using electrical stimulation to increase the release of the body’s natural pain-relieving substances, and by blocking the nerve pathways that cause labor pains.  The pads are applied to the lower back and attached to a small battery-operated stimulator which the woman holds and controls.   A tingling sensation is felt at regular intervals, and the woman can adjust the  amount of stimulation to her own preference.

Obstetric TENS has been found to be an effective technique for over 80% of births.  Many studies have been done in Europe with marked success, especially for back pain in labor.  There are no known harmful effects to mother or baby.  The only women who should not use TENS are those with a cardiac pacemaker, those with preterm labor, and those with a seizure disorder or undiagnosed sources of pain.

TENS Rental $75*

rental includes:

  •  A short consultation visit when you are 38 weeks pregnant, to deliver the unit and instruct you in its use. (if you are out of my area or prefer, I can mail the unit to you)
  • 2-4 weeks use of the unit including connecting cables, batteries and electrode pads. (from 38th week of pregnancy until delivery.)  Unit is due back by 1 week postpartum.
  • Risk free back up supplies – if they are returned unopened you will not be charged. (extra batteries, cables and pads)
  • Phone and email support to answer questions that may arise about the TENS unit or it’s use.
  • Prepaid mailer to return your unit.

If you are interested in TENS for labor, please contact me for more information.

*Hound Hill labor support clients get free use of TENS during labor.