extensive experience caring for premature babies

Having Amy Peterson as my post-partum doula was a blessing. I delivered my second child prematurely at 34 weeks, and had to go back into the hospital for an emergency surgical procedure. Amy came to the hospital every night that I was there to help me with everything from nursing, to pumping, to getting enough rest. When I was released from the hospital, she helped both me and my son to transition to life at home. She was truly amazing with my son– it was clear from the first night that she has extensive experience caring for premature babies. She helped my son to establish better sleeping rhythms, and taught me some crucial techniques for soothing and getting my son to sleep. Amy is also an amazing woman—she offered tireless support during the most challenging time of my life, and aided my healing process far beyond the physical. I called her many times when she was not “on the clock” to ask her questions, seek guidance, and/or look for emotional support. Our family is definitely better for having her work with us during a very difficult time. Even our three year old son, who Amy brought books and little toys for each day, would look forward to her arrival. I believe that anyone who has a baby would be extremely lucky to have Amy be part of the process—she is a very experienced woman who will help you to deepen your own knowledge and experience of the birthing and newborn process.

Posted 3/26/2013