family from South East Asia


My Name is RAMESH RONDLA and I am writing a review for Doula Services provided by Amy Peterson.We are Immigrant family from SouthEast Asia and me and my wife have very few friends in New England Seacoast Area.We were referred about the Doula services provided by my wife’s Gyno Doctor, for Postpartum Doula services,which we really needed as both my parents and my wife parents were not here to help us through my wife’s pregnancy and this being our first child,we had a lot of doubts and misconceptions of our to take care of our newborn son.My son was born in Fall of 09′ and immediately I was eagerly looking out for some sort of support ,both to my wife and my new born son.So we decided to use the expert help of Amy Peterson,as I came to know about her as she had a very long experience with kids/new mothers and especially her support with postpartum in women after preganacy/new child.

When I first met her she was really kind to visit us at our home and examined our baby to see how he was doing after he came home.Amy is also a good listener, as we were asking her all sorts of questions about my son’s feeding methods,sleeping habits and stuff like that.She also helped in evaluating, how we are coping with the first child like sleeping/eating properly etc.. and more importantly she had good interaction with my wife to provide her that extra support which is much appreciated.She helped us in

1.How to properly breast feed the baby and how to hold him before/after feeding.

2.How to change his diapers/wrap him to keep  him warm and also with giving him his first shower bath.

3.Most importantly, she helped my wife get through her inhibitions as a new mother and enjoy her motherhood thoroughly.


I hope this review helps in deciding your Doula from your neighborhood,who is caring and also available right when you need her the most.