I would work with her again in a second.

We chose to work with Amy for the birth of our second daughter. We had a doula the first time around, but the birth ended up being very long and full of interventions, and our birth plan was essentially tossed out the window. I was nervous about the potential for that to happen again and knew I wanted a doula’s support. Choosing Amy was easy. She’s highly experienced and a true professional. Working as a doula is not only her full-time job, it’s her passion. Most importantly, she made it clear to me that there was no single “right way” to birth. Her goal is to make sure that you, as the mother and her client, have the birth experience that YOU want and feel good about. I wanted to try for an unmedicated birth, and, with Amy’s help, I was able to have one. I truly believe I could not have done it without her. She coached me through each contraction, knew when to suggest a change to make me more comfortable, and helped me feel prepared, safe, cared for, and heard. I would work with her again in a second.