Testimonial Category: Labor Support

For clients who had Amy support them for birth.

We were impressed

We were so impressed with your knowledge, poise,and compassion. You helped make our birth experience far more comfortable and reassuring (and fun!).

I would work with her again in a second.

She coached me through each contraction, knew when to suggest a change to make me more comfortable, and helped me feel prepared, safe, cared for, and heard. I would work with her again in a second.

a true gift for any pregnant mom

Amy is compassionate, knowledgeable and a calming presence throughout pregnancy and delivery. Her guidance throughout the birth of our son was amazing and very respectful of our wishes.

Amy was fantastic.

From our first meeting with her through our follow up visit, Amy truly cared about us and our birth experience.

I feel so lucky

Amy understood our hopes, fears and desires and ... She knew what I needed without me even having to ask....

Can’t imagine delivering without her

I was praying for a loving and nurturing environment to bring our baby in, and Amy provided just that. Her guidance was exactly what I needed to stay grounded and calm for a natural delivery.

my first pregnancy,

The support provided during labor and delivery to my fiancé and I made bringing our sweet baby boy into the world the best experience of my life. I felt prepared, confident, and most of all, ready-

This was my first pregnancy

Knowing Amy was going to be there for me really put my mind at ease and then during labor she was so calming and helpful. She knew exactly what to do and when to do it - almost like she was reading my mind.

I felt like I had known her forever

She started us discussing decisions about birthing options and pain management; she also armed us with the information to help us make these decisions. She was also not judgmental of our decision to use pain medication during labor.

Amy is absolutely wonderful.

She helped keep me focused through my labor, coaching my husband and mother on how best to support me, guiding them and making sure I didn't have to worry about them.

single mom

She knew exactly how to help me progress when I needed to and how to help me get a few moments of respite and rest when needed.