comfortable from the very first conversation

Our experience with Amy was comfortable from the very first conversation. She is a warm and caring person and truly loves what she does. This was our first time with a doula and we are only sad we didn’t have her with our first child. She was extremely informative and helpful throughout the entire pregnancy. She fielded questions regarding any concerns we had about the pregnancy and delivery, met with us in person three times to go over our plan in great detail and consistently followed up to see how we were doing. The information she provided was invaluable and truly helped us prepare for the best possible experience.

Our delivery was extremely fast, but she made it to the hospital at the best possible time to help me and my husband. She kept me focused on relaxing and embracing the delivery and was a calming presence. She captured the entire delivery and first visitors on film and shared those pictures with us on CD. She was a welcome presence helping me with the first latch, showering after delivery and just enjoying our experience with our newborn son. We hated to see her leave!

After delivery, she followed up to see how we were managing in the hospital and again when we arrived home. She visited the following week with her famous lactation cookies and a gift for the baby. She again supported me several times with lactation questions and simply making sure I was feeling ok. She was a positive and calming presence during a wonderful, yet nervous time in our life. We are so very grateful we hired her and feel blessed to now call her a friend.

Posted 12/3/2013