Amy was an absolutely amazing doula

Amy was an absolutely amazing doula. I found myself unexpectedly pregnant with my first biological child and did not have a partner in my life at the time. I was really overwhelmed and stressed most of my pregnancy. I hired Amy because I didn’t know if my mom would be able to support me during labor or if she would have to care for my other child. I knew I wanted to try a natural birth but wasn’t sure if I would be able to accomplish it. Amy met with me prior to the birth and guided me through all sorts of questions so she could learn how best to support me. When labor started she made it to the hospital before I did. I was able to have a pretty much perfect non-medicated vaginal birth thanks to Amy. She worked well with my mom who commented that she’s not sure she would have made it through the birth without Amy’s support! It really was huge to have her supported while both her and Amy supported me. Amy worked very well with the Concord Hospital staff, advocating for me when needed and ensuring my wishes were known. I went into my son’s life feeling much more confident about my abilities as a mother thanks to the fabulous birth I had. I owe Amy more than I can ever repay.