Testimonial Category: Placenta Encapsulation

I would work with her again in a second.

She coached me through each contraction, knew when to suggest a change to make me more comfortable, and helped me feel prepared, safe, cared for, and heard. I would work with her again in a second.

Amy was fantastic.

From our first meeting with her through our follow up visit, Amy truly cared about us and our birth experience.

I would recommend Amy 100%

This was my first baby so I had no postpartum issues I was particularly concerned about, but the energy and balance I felt the pills give me were well worth it in the weeks following his birth. Overall I would recommend Amy 100% to anyone thinking about using a doula or trying encapsulation.

happy that I did it!

I have been surprised at how much energy I have and how smoothly the healing process has gone! I have had none of the typical mood swings or hot flashes that are typical in the postpartum period. I had my 6 week postpartum visit with my OB/GYN today and she even said 'it sounds like things are going too well!'

it really helped me

I was loving my new role as Mom and was shocked at how well I was adjusting to the lack of sleep and how quickly my body was healing and producing milk. After 8 weeks I finished my pills and immediately noticed my lack of energy.

completely professional and completely stress free

This service was both completely professional and completely stress free... we wondered a few things as this is done out of someone's home but she answered all of our questions and worked with our schedule. VERY prompt, VERY kind.

Amy was wonderful to us

She has an awesome information booklet that answered all of the question my husband and I had. When we finally had our baby Amy came to the hospital and retrieved my placenta and returned it encapsulated in no time at all! Amy is professional, very sweet, and goes the extra mile.

Amy was very fast! I

Amy was very fast! I had my pills by the next day. She is very friendly and professional. The pills really helped with my milk supply and helped me recover quickly. I will definitely do this for the next baby.

prompt and respectful

not only was she prompt and respectful with regards to the placenta encapsulation, she was also an incredible source of support in my postpartum days

Amy was awesome!

It's obvious that Amy goes the extra mile for her clients. She is passionate about what she does and everything baby! She is kind, gentle and compassionate. I would highly recommend any of Amy's services to anyone.

wonderful and well worth the money.

I used Amy's placenta encapsulation services and was very happy with them. Correspondence via email was easy in the lead-up to my birth, and she was immediately reachable by phone even at the inconvenient hour of 2:00am and came to pick up the placenta soon after.